There are two options for ordering the Lo Shu Deck from a non-US location.

  1. Order from the regular order page and I’ll figure out the exact shipping charges needed to get it to you and send you a PayPal link so you can add the extra shipping charges. The Lo Shu Deck will go out to you the next business day after I receive the shipping charges.
  2. You can order directly from the manufacturer (where I get my inventory). The price is lower because the velvet bag is not included — just the cards. And then you can choose the shipping options available from that company, and they usually have at least one cheaper option that I don’t have access to. Since the decks are made as they are ordered, there is a wait for manufacturing, so it’s a win some (cheaper price), lose some (longer wait) decision for you to make.

Even if you choose option 2, you still get access to all the tutorial videos.