For the person who wants to give readings but feels stuck and confused about where to turn…

"You’ll Amaze and Entertain With Numerology Readings
 Right Away When You Have This Secret Weapon…

That dream of giving readings to your friends and family and seeing how they light up when it happens?

You can have that…

Dear Numerologist-To-Be,

I’ll bet I know what’s happening — you love the idea of giving readings, but whether you’re working a full-time job, carrying a full load of classes, or hunkered down with the kids due to a quarantine, time seems to fill up with one thing after another and you never get around to learning how.

You’re not expecting something for nothing — you know it takes time to memorize all the numerical meanings and how to give the readings, and you know it will be fun after you’ve put in the work, but… work! Who needs more of that? Not you and not me.

So you put it off. Again. And then again.

It’s even worse than it appears, because if you do that too many times it’s just not going to happen. Your dream of entertaining (and amazing!) your friends and family will fade away.

I’ve been there. At that exact spot. I poked at different types of readings for MONTHS but it always seemed like such a slog just to get to the good stuff — which is giving a reading to someone!

I switched from one type of reading to another, thinking that surely this new one was the one that I’d knuckle down and learn. Nope. Nope. Nope.

And then it all fell into place, almost by accident.

I thought I knew about numerology, but then I discovered what’s known as Lo Shu numerology, and it had a few things going for it that perked me up immediately…

1. It’s new to almost everyone I showed, so you have a novelty factor built in.

2. It uses numbers in a grid where you draw arrows and dotted lines over certain patterns, so there’s a neat “hmm, interesting…” aspect to the readings.

3. **Best of all**, there are only a few things to memorize so you’re not endlessly studying. For example, Lo Shu only deals with the single digits 1-9!

There's one more big twist to this story...

I learned Lo Shu and started having a blast with it, but I was always nervous giving a reading because I kept imagining how embarrassing it would be if I forgot the meaning of one of the numbers. I almost stopped doing readings because I didn’t want that kind of pressure.

I was desperate to find a solution so I started thinking about what could get me past that hurdle (other than lots of hard work that takes so much time). And that’s when the second part of this solution popped into my head.

The first piece was the simple, funny, and quirky way that Lo Shu works, and the second piece was a secret weapon that meant I’d never have to be nervous about forgetting one of the meanings.

Here's the second half of that One-Two Punch...

That second piece is the Lo Shu Deck, a deck of cards you use while giving a reading. It’s almost as if it allows you to “cheat,” because when you use the cards the meaning is right there in front of you! Instead of hiding a crib sheet somewhere and trying to catch a glimpse of it during a reading, the Lo Shu Deck puts the meanings of the numbers on display as an integral part of the reading.

What does that really mean?

You’re going to love this…

With Lo Shu all by itself you can do a numerology reading that’s fun and very different from readings most people have seen…

…and with the Lo Shu Deck you can get started very quickly because there’s no need to memorize the meanings of the numbers and arrows that you draw on the grid. 

The Lo Shu Deck Number Cards

Those two things together will have you doing readings almost immediately.

Before the Lo Shu Deck if I didn’t do readings for a while I’d have to spend time “refreshing” my memory before I could give a reading again, but that’s now a thing of the past thanks to this incredible deck. Now I could go six months or a year without doing a reading, then pick up the Lo Shu deck and amaze someone with a demonstration of what the numbers say about their life.

That’s right, no spending endless time studying, no being nervous because I might not remember something, just plain old enjoyment at sharing a Lo Shu numerology reading with someone.

That’s what I have, and you can have that, too. Have fun giving readings no matter where you are — coffee shop, the office break room, or even over a Zoom call! 

That’s why I’m offering The Lo Shu System for sale today… to take you from where you are now to where you want to be — quickly and painlessly!

The Lo Shu System comes with a velvet bag holding a deck of 30 beautifully designed cards showing the meanings of the numbers and arrows used in the Lo Shu grid. The cards are larger than regular playing cards, sized at 2.75” x 4.75” so they show up well during a reading. The system also includes online quick-start and step-by-step instructions showing you how easy it is to give your first reading.

And because I know some people (raising my own hand here) are visual learners, I’m including access to online tutorial videos that walk you through every step of giving a Lo Shu reading.

This means you’ll be ready to give your first reading the same day you receive the Lo Shu Deck! You won’t have to put your nose to the grindstone and study hard for days or weeks — you’ll be thrilling your friends and family with readings you can do right away.

(Pssst! You can pretend that you spent months learning Lo Shu if you like. I won’t tell!)

The complete Lo Shu System includes 

  • The deck of cards that do all the work
  • A velvet drawstring bag to carry the cards in
  • Online step-by-step instructions
  • The tutorial videos
  • And the bonus I’m just about to let you in on… 

All for just $35 (shipping included in US).

Arrow Cards Spirituality

Here’s That Bonus For You!

As a “Thank you!” for being one of the first to order The Lo Shu System, I’m going to include this bonus — a report called “What Do I Say? Sample Phrases for Numbers and Arrows.” While the easiest and fastest way to do a Lo Shu reading is by using the words written on the cards, some people will want to “fill out” the reading and this downloadable booklet gives examples of what you can say for each and every number and arrow in Lo Shu.

Some people won’t need the extra help, but some of us (raising my own hand — again!) like to know the options available in order to take our readings to the next level.

Almost unheard of -- there's ZERO risk to you!

One more thing — I stand 100% behind the Lo Shu System. If you have any problems with what you receive I’ll fix it or you can return the deck for a refund. No hassles and no hard feelings!

Take this step now:

Today is the day you can put aside the procrastinating and do what you’ve dreamed of — but with so much less work involved! Click the Buy button below and I’ll ship The Lo Shu System to you right away. While you’re waiting for the Lo Shu Deck to arrive I’ll give you access to the tutorial videos so you’ll be able to hit the ground running!

And very quickly after that you’ll be impressing others with your newfound ability to give numerology readings that open their eyes to new ways of looking at life. 

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started now!

PS – Imagine the looks on their faces when you give them a numerology reading that hits home! Stop dreaming about it and start doing it — this is your time to shine!​

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash