Thanks for ordering the Lo Shu deck! I know you’re going to have a blast giving readings for your friends, family, and even strangers!

On this page you’ll find several tutorial videos that will walk you through getting your Lo Shu deck set up and then show you how to give a Lo Shu reading.

After the videos you’ll also find links in the Resource section that will lead to PDF files you can download, or to other miscellaneous items that will help you create fun and amazing readings!

1. Setting Up The Deck

2. Preparation

3. Distribute the Digits – Reading Step 1

4. Look for Patterns – Reading Step 2

5. Time to Give the Reading – Reading Step 3

6. Final Notes


What Do I Say? (Bonus)

Download this PDF file (the download button is below the file, which you can read online) that gives you sample phrases you can use for every number and pattern found in a Lo Shu Reading.

Number and Arrow Meanings

This will show you the meanings of each number and each arrow that might show up in a reading.

Complete Video Course Based on the Speed Learning Numerology Book — Highly Recommended!

If you liked this crash course, be sure to check out the FULL video course based on the book I learned from!

The course includes more than 20 videos that show you not just how to do a mini reading (like you learned here), but a full-on 4-phase routine that gives a deep reading!

And, Julian Moore, the author of that book, has allowed me to include a copy of the book with the course!

Click here for all the info on
the complete video course!

Sample Readings on Video

I have a YouTube channel where I post readings every so often. Short videos, average of probably 4 minutes, where I run through the entire process of giving a reading for someone based on their birthdate.

If you’re just getting started with Lo Shu, that channel might be the best resource to help get you up to speed.

Lo Shu Numerology YouTube Channel

It helps if you subscribe to the channel and “like” the videos, but that’s up to you. In any case, I think you’ll get a lot out of watching examples of quick (and fun) Lo Shu readings.

Misc Numerology Tick Sheets

Here’s a chit-chat video (I’m not as concise as usual) showing some of the “tick sheets” I carry around with me to do Lo Shu for folks. Maybe it will give you some ideas to break out Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and make some of your own.