Intro to Number Descriptions

[This was originally sent to the Lo Shu Numerology email list.]

Let’s start a new series looking at the numbers used in Lo Shu and how we can “expand” on the generic meaning to better fit the person we’re reading.

The plain ol’ number meanings are:

1 – Beginnings

2 – Cooperation

3 – Expansion

4 – Stability

5 – Activity

6 – Communication

7 – Spirituality

8 – Inspiration

9 – Change

We know the number 1 means Beginnings, but instead of just saying that to our participant, what can we say about Beginnings as a character trait that makes for a better reading?

What I’ve done for each of the numbers is to think about what a person would really be like if they reflected a specific character trait really strongly.

  • What career or hobby would a person with that character trait be really good at?
  • How would a person with that character trait act when dealing with others?
  • If that trait was strong in my own life, how would I act, what would I do?

Here’s a big (huge!) secret…

By going through an exercise like that and thinking about how each of those character traits would shape a person, you come up with an understanding of those traits — and then you can talk about what they mean to someone without having to memorize a bunch of stuff about each trait.

Starting in the next email we’ll get going in that process with Beginnings and you’ll build a foundation where talking about the traits to people you’re reading becomes second nature.


PS – For those who are more performer than reader (magicians, mentalists, etc.) the meanings of numbers can be sprinkled into a routine to give it a little more texture, or depth. “You chose the third card; that’s interesting because it tells me you’re the kind of person who…”