While there are many resources for general numerology, there are fewer for Lo Shu, and even fewer for the particular “flavor” that I use. Below are the best I’ve found.

(Note! In the spirit of full disclosure, some of the items listed below are things I’ve created. If it’s one of my products, I’ll stick a (Jay) at the end of the description.)

Full Lo Shu Video Course

If you’re ready to start giving complete Lo Shu readings, you need the Lo Shu video course. The course includes 20+ videos that teach you how to give a quick and fun mini-reading, as well as comprehensive 4-phase readings that encompass a person’s entire lifetime. You will amaze and entertain your friends and family with readings you can give right away!

Speed Learning Numerology Ebook

This is the book that got me going in numerology and I like it so much I recommend it as much as my own stuff! The author, Julian Moore, does two awesome things in this book:

Shows an easy way to memorize the meanings of the numbers and arrows.

Describes a 4-phase reading that digs deep into a person!

Included with the full video course above.

Lo Shu Numerology Utility Pack

This is a set of tools I created to give my readings a little punch! It’s a download with different Lo Shu tools you can print out. Includes tick sheets to make your readings more professional and then gives the participant something to take away with them. Shows how to use your phone or tablet to give readings. Includes a template for cards you can print out and use for practice or during a reading. And more!

This utility pack is now only available as a free bonus with the full Lo Shu video course, as described above. (Jay)

The Lo Shu Deck

I created these to match the meanings in Julian Moore’s book (with his permission) so the cards can be used for a birthdate only reading, or as part of the 4-phase reading Moore teaches in his book (and that I teach in the video course).

These cards make giving a reading easier, more fun, and even give the process a “sense of ceremony” that you don’t get when just using pen and paper to give a reading.

Comes complete with tutorial videos. (Jay)

Lo Shu Practice Videos

I have a YouTube channel where I post videos showing me giving a Lo Shu reading. The first reason for that channel is so the people who want a reading can watch it at any time. The second reason for that channel is so that people who want to start giving readings will have a good place to watch as many different Lo Shu numerology readings as they want in order to get better.