[This was originally sent to the Lo Shu Numerology email list.]

Today we’re going to dive into the meaning of the number nine and come up with one or two ideas for things we can say in a Lo Shu reading.

9 = Change

When the number 9 comes up as something to discuss, we know it means Change, but how does that apply to a person?

When I think of the word “Change” I think of the kind of person who is a dynamic individual — both with themselves and with the things they do. Someone who isn’t close-minded; willing to change their mind when new evidence comes to light. Someone who tries different hobbies, experiences, and maybe even careers.

So if a person has change as a trait, what kind of person are they? I think they’re adaptable; they’re able to adjust to new situations and are comfortable with some ambiguity and uncertainty. Others might tend to freak out a little (or a lot!) when circumstances change, but a Nine will go with the flow and take something good from that change.

Many people with Change as a trait are risk-takers (stepping outside their comfort zone) and visionaries (a clear sense of what they want to achieve).

Your homework: Once again, do some brainstorming and see if you can come up with more ideas about someone with the Change character trait. Then write up a couple sentences that you could say during a reading. You don’t need to memorize them, but if you write them out they’ll be *much* easier to recall when you’re doing an actual reading.

Next time, the number 0! *(Wait, don’t we ignore zero in Lo Shu…?)*

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