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Today we’re going to dive into the meaning of the number nine and come up with one or two ideas for things we can say in a Lo Shu reading.

9 = Change

When the number 9 comes up as something to discuss, we know it means Change, but how does that apply to a person?

When I think of the word “Change” I think of the kind of person who is a dynamic individual — both with themselves and with the things they do. Someone who isn’t close-minded; willing to change their mind when new evidence comes to light. Someone who tries different hobbies, experiences, and maybe even careers.

So if a person has change as a trait, what kind of person are they? I think they’re adaptable; they’re able to adjust to new situations and are comfortable with some ambiguity and uncertainty. Others might tend to freak out a little (or a lot!) when circumstances change, but a Nine will go with the flow and take something good from that change.

Many people with Change as a trait are risk-takers (stepping outside their comfort zone) and visionaries (a clear sense of what they want to achieve).

Your homework: Once again, do some brainstorming and see if you can come up with more ideas about someone with the Change character trait. Then write up a couple sentences that you could say during a reading. You don’t need to memorize them, but if you write them out they’ll be *much* easier to recall when you’re doing an actual reading.

Next time, the number 0! *(Wait, don’t we ignore zero in Lo Shu…?)*

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I also see that someone with this change trait makes the best of any changes that come along, therefore positive and optimistic, they may also like to travel to different places, change jobs more than most as they like the change, like something new and are risk takers also this person navigates others through change so make good project managers and change managers