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Today we’re going to dive into the meaning of the number one and come up with one or two ideas for things we can say in a Lo Shu reading.

1 = Beginnings

When the number 1 comes up as something to discuss, we know it means Beginnings, but how does that apply to a person?

The first thing that comes to my mind is someone who’s good at starting projects. Those kind of people can also often get really excited about the “next new thing” and often fail to finish what they start.

Or with relationships — I guess it could be someone who hops from one relationship to the next, but I probably wouldn’t say that in a reading. 😉 Instead, I’d say maybe they’re someone who makes friends easily.

If you wanted to do more of a back-and-forth kind of reading in order to get more information from the other person, you could say, “This number says you have more ‘beginnings’ in your life than many people. Does that make sense to you? What do you think it means?”

A question like that can open up different avenues to explore during the rest of the reading and gets the participant actually participating and not just listening to the reading.

What is a person with strong Beginnings like? I think they’d be the kind of person who’s open to new experiences. Maybe someone who’s spontaneous. You want to try something new? Call that person and invite them along.

Your Homework

Do some brainstorming and see if you can come up with more ideas about someone with the Beginnings character trait. Then write up a couple sentences that you could say during a reading. You don’t have to memorize them, but if you write them out they’ll be much easier to recall when you’re doing an actual reading.

Next time, the number 2!

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Wendy Nordon

As this connects to new beginnings maybe this person soon loses interests and does not complete what they set out to do as they are drawn to something new or if they stay the course are eager to move onto something else as soon as whatever they have put their energy into has completed, Often changes course. May find it hard to commit to long term relationships. May soon become bored, Can be a pioneer . Would not like a job which involved doing repetitive work if they can see a project to the end and then want to move on would thrive in an environment which involves project work, involving being creative but would probably prefer to
work on their own, or have their own area of work in the project.